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About Us


  Shanghai Municipal Office, SAT

  Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Local Taxation

  Add: 800, Zhaojiabang Rd.

  Tel: 021-54679568


  Divisions of the Municipal Administration of Taxation

  General Office

  Policy and Regulation Division

  Goods and Services Taxation Division

  Division of Import & Export Tax Administration

  Enterprise Income Tax Division

  International Taxation Division (Personal Income Tax Division)

  Property and Behavior Taxation Division

  Division of Revenue Planning and Accounting

  Taxpayer Service Division(Large Business Taxation Division)

  Division of Tax and Information Technology Administration

  Auditing Division

  Financial Division

  Supervision and Internal Audit Division

  Personnel and Education Division(Retired Officials Office)

  Supervisory Office

  CCP Committee Office


Shanghai Municipal Office, SAT
Shanghai Local Taxation Bureau
Add: 800 Zhaojiabang Rd. Tel: 021-12366